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LISTEN: Lone Tree is ‘Holding On’ Through the Hurt

From Nairobi to Nashville (and plenty of places in between), alt-rockers Lone Tree have a knack for delivering relatable concepts on top of an eclectic sound; one which runs an international gamut of musical perspectives.

Their latest single, “Holding On,” hits the mark yet again. On top of these infectious grooves, funk-influenced guitar shredding, and a potent melody resides a message of two young lovers yearning to make things work — despite the relational challenges they’ve yet to overcome.

“‘Holding On’ is about two broken hearts attempting to repair the love they once had. That love is still very much there, but it’s been damaged by both people in different ways,” said guitarist Patrick Sanders. “Although they’re hurt, their love is eternal, and they will always keep holding on to what they have.”

The band’s palpable chemistry is on full display on this track. It’s no surprise, then, that “Holding On” came to fruition in the studio very quickly.

“‘Holding On’ one of those few songs whose melody, rhythm, and message came together very naturally,” Sanders said. “Largely autobiographical, most of the song was written on the same day. In fact, within the same hour.”

If you’ve ever fought for love, you’ll relate. Check out “Holding On” below!

Songs You Should Hear: What’s Happening from Coast to Coast?

This week, we’ve been hyper-focused on our homecoming to Bethlehem, PA, which TAKES PLACE TONIGHT AT STEELSTACKS!

OK, we’re just a little excited. Can you blame us?

Nonetheless, there’s still an entire musical world outside of our hometown at our fingertips, and we want to be sure we remain tapped in to all that is happening elsewhere. Fortunately, we did just re-launch a music blog, and the indie musicians of Earth have responded by giving us plenty of choice cuts to sink our teeth into.

Here are just a few of those selections. It’s time to HEAR WHAT YOU SHOULD!

Artist: Jon Worthy
Song: Things Are Looking Up
Genre: Alt-Pop
Why You Should Hear It: At first blush, it sounds like Worthy is flexing his pop muscles on “Things Are Looking Up.” Keep listening, however, and you’ll behold an artist painting from a multicolored palette. Cosmic keys and a steady-marching vocal cadence give this single the alternative edge you may expect from the likes of MGMT and Grouplove, while funk-infused guitars weave around a pulsing backbeat to give the listener a reason to dance.

As for the message? Worthy had this to say: “It’s a tough atmosphere to be an artist today, with constantly being able to compare yourself against other artists on social media. While it’s a good thing to measure yourself and what you’re doing compared to other people, it can be extremely overwhelming to see people potentially doing better than you, and doing things you wish you were doing. ,Things Are Looking Up, is about trying to cut off that negative energy and look on the bright side; dropping the bad emotions for positivity and reflecting on a difficult journey, but remaining hopeful for the future.

Song: Get Down!
Genre: Indie Rock
Why You Should Hear It: Have you ever wanted someone you can’t have? The Motor Control’s Eric Deneen has, and here, he captures the hopeless optimism of a man aiming to please the apathetic object of his affection.

Sonically, “Get Down” delivers a strong hook; Deneen’s vocals pack a reverb-kissed punch on top of an infectious groove that captivates from the opening bell. All in all, it’s a fun modern rock offering!

Artist: Ren Richards
Song: Myself With You
Genre: Indie Rock/Alternative
Why You Should Hear It: Built on a foundation of turn-of-the-Milliennium alternative sensibility, and made all the more enchanting with clever dashes of indie pop and Americana influence throughout, “Myself With You” appeals to listeners across a variety of tastes — and to anybody who finds themselves learning to love again.

Got something you think we should hear? What are you waiting for?! Shoot it our way, and you could be featured in an upcoming edition of Songs You Should Hear!

LISTEN: The Welters’ ‘Soldiers’ Kicks Things into High Gear

The Welters have graced us with some gritty, high energy indie rock and roll — and we’re here for it!

Released on August 11, “Soldiers” attempts to make sense of work, relationships, and an overall life’s purpose during one’s coming of age. The fast-paced and fuzzy instrumental — reminiscent of The Strokes — counterbalances a slower, more contemplative melody, illustrating the inner conflict we face when caught between the contrasting urges to live fast, or take life as it comes.

If you want more from The Welters, you shouldn’t have to wait long. “Soldiers” is the final single from the band’s forthcoming full-length album, For Your Consideration. For now, go right ahead and give yourself a preview below!

UMC20: Stacked with Fresh Tracks (July 18, 2023)

Apologies for the unexpected gap between UMC20 playlists last week. Ya boy has been on a retreat of sorts, shoring up a few things and gearing us up for the second half of 2023 and beyond.

All that means is that there was more to choose from for this week’s edition of UMC20! So, we’ve put together a quality compilation of some of the jams that have been making their way into our world of late.

Listen to UMC20

UMC20: Keepin’ it Independent (July 4, 2023)

How fitting for us, an independent music outlet, to unveil the latest, freshest edition of our independent music playlist to celebrate the Fourth of July?

It’s worth noting that there are some VIBES on this one. It’s rich with R&B and soul, but that’s not all she wrote. This week’s playlist also brings the rock, delivers some bars, and even has some tender, heartfelt Americana to appeal to those tastes.

All and all, it’s a dazzling sonic fireworks show. Jump in!

Listen to UMC20

UMC20: The Best of June 2023

With respect to every month that has taken place since we became UMC (and subsequently started the UMC20 playlist)… this might have been the most solid month of submissions yet.

That also means we had a devil of a time narrowing this down to just 20 tracks. True to the start of summer, there was an abundance of heat thrown our way this month. Decisions were made, but y’all didn’t make ’em easy!

We think these 20 tracks do a nice job of representing June 2023. Check ’em out!

Hear the Best of June

PHOTOS: Joywave at The Basement East

For the past decade-plus, Joywave has been leaving a mark on the alternative rock world. Formed in Rochester, NY in 2010, the band broke through by featuring on Big Data’s 2014 hit, “Dangerous,” before releasing their full length debut, How Do You Feel Now?, the following year.

Fast forward to the present-day, and the band brought its Express Wash tour to The Basement East on Saturday night. The result was high-powered, visually engaging set that showcased the band’s versatility and love of sonic exploration.

See the photos

UMC20: April Showers Us with New Jams (Apr. 4, 2023)

Hold it right there!

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Anyway, onto this week’s edition of UMC20

Listen to UMC20
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