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Wednesday Wisdom: How To Get Your Music Featured in Films, TV, and Commercials

Jeannie Jones is an award-winning journalist, media personality, actress, producer, director and brand architect. Jeannie‚Äôs Los Angeles-based multimedia firm, Ready Set Impact, specializes in music, film, and radio production; publishing; social media marketing, branding, and casting.

This month, Jeannie offers insight into the world of sync licensing for commercial, film, and television media.

With new TV shows, films, and streaming services popping up, there are more opportunities than ever to obtain sync placements — assuming you have the goods music supervisors are looking for.

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Uncovering Your Place in Music: Producer/Artist J Pierson Explores the Answer

J Pierson is a man of many talents. A producer, artist, studio designer, and creative force, J is a talented and disciplined music industry professional with a mind on service and an eye on the big picture.

J joins us on The Quinn Spinn today, and it leads to a conversation about the effort and persistence that go into the creative journey, and the ways we keep our passions in balance with the rigors of everyday life.