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A perk of joining our UMC UnderDogs community is the opportunity to connect with independent musicians and creatives all over the world. One way we provide is through our Monday Night Mastermind calls. On the first and third Monday of every month, our Monday Night Mastermind provides you with an opportunity to share your goals, find solutions to your challenges, and develop your ideas in a setting with like-minded, creative entrepreneurs.

We’re starting these up in December. As our holiday gift to you, we want to give you the first month on us!

We invite you to join our Monday Night Mastermind on December 4 and December 18 for the price of on the house. That’s right — you don’t need to pay, and you don’t need to join right away. Just come on in and experience the community first-hand!

Just tell us your name and where to send your invitation below, and you’re in. See you at the Mastermind!

Coach’s Corner: The Moment That Sparked a Comeback

Pictured: The sun setting behind the Rocky Mountains from the Gaylord Rocky Mountain Resort (Denver, CO).

I need to tell you about my trip to Denver a couple weekends ago.

I was in town to attend the Achieve Systems BizExplosion Conference. Admittedly, I was looking to shake up my day-to-day, and get some perspective on the direction of this platform — which, as you may remember, recently took a brief, yet thorough detour away from being Underground Music Collective.

On Thursday, October 19, I attended the conference’s welcome reception. Upon entering, I sensed pretty much immediately that this was a different room than the ones to which I had become so accustomed. You had speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who had reached a levels of scalable, sustainable success that I, plucky UnderDog that I am, still aspire to reach.

That night — before the conference even officially kicked off — I found myself on the receiving end a ton of valuable feedback about the concept, its niche, and ways that it could be better executed. I heard people’s intrigue around the notion of a music industry-centric platform — and what it could do, if properly built, for independent artists everywhere. I learned so much that night (and throughout the ensuing weekend) about exactly how to properly build it, that I’m still combing through and applying the lessons.

And, to be honest, it all felt a bit overwhelming at first.

I left the reception at about 12:30 a.m. when I caught an Uber back to my Airbnb. I explained to my driver, Mateo, that I was in town to get educated about my business, and I was receiving more of an education than I ever could have expected. I also expressed a bit of self-doubt as I digested the lessons, and wondered what it would take to meaningfully level up from this experience once it was finished.

Mateo then told me he was about to restart the song playing in the car. He wanted me to listen…

That song is “Mirror (You Ain’t Know)” by Brian Hyppolite ft. Nelse… and these words were exactly what I needed to hear in that moment, from the opening refrain.

“Oh, you had it twisted?

Oh, you didn’t know that you was gifted?

You ain’t know that stuff you went through just set you up for winning?

You ain’t know that you was chosen?

You ain’t know that you was golden?

You ain’t know you was important, huh?

You ain’t know you had a purpose

Much bigger than anything you ever considered?

Well, I’ma be your mirror
So you can see it clearer…

When we step out of our comfort zones, our minds can play tricks on us. The stories we’ve internalized can delude us into believing that we aren’t worthy, or ready, or “good enough.” These stories will do everything they can to pull us from our purpose, or fool us into thinking another lane is best for us.

That night, the cards of my imposter syndrome were laid out on the table. However, as I listened to “Mirror (You Ain’t Know)” I realized that I — and not the stories — hold the winning hand.

That moment — and the entire experience of that weekend — helped me reconnect with my mission and vision for this platform. We’re here to build something of impact for independent artists, and connect them to the world of entrepreneurship so that they can built their platforms — and lives — regardless of whether they ever receive traditional music industry approval.

In that moment, it dawned on me that there was no better way to do that than to #GoUnderground.

That’s why we’re back as Underground Music Collective. And frankly, it feels damn good to be walking in this purpose again.

Thanks for being here, and stay tuned.

Change the Way Forward

As we reflect on the first half of 2023, there is an opportunity to make second half adjustments.

Let’s chat about some of the lessons we’ve learned at UMC, and how they inform our journey toward greater impact.

Learn more about UMC Coaching⁠

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Finding the EEAZE in Entrepreneurship with Candy Tolentino

Candy Tolentino is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and host of the EEAZE podcast, the “Top Idea into Action Podcast for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.” Candy leans on two decades of experience as an entrepreneur to empower others on their own journeys, helping them identify opportunities and push past their fears.

Candy joins us today on The Quinn Spinn to share world-class insights that will serve anybody embarking upon the creative journey.


Why I Launched a Coaching Program (Quinn Spinn Solo Mission)

This past Friday, March 10, I launched UMC Coaching, a 1-on-1 coaching program designed to give independent creatives everything they need to Show Up and Glow Up in their careers and lives.

Why was now the right time, after 10 years of The Quinn Spinn? Let’s dive in!

Learn more about UMC Coaching here.


Show Up and Glow Up: Introducing UMC Coaching

Gerard here. You may know me as the Founder and CEO of this plucky lil’ Collective you’ve come to know and love.

I have spent the past 10 years building an independent, international music industry platform from the (Under)ground up. In that time, I have transformed my life through countless valuable lessons and experiences, and have built thousands of relationships with artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives the world over.

Today is my birthday. To celebrate, I’ve launched UMC Coaching, a one-on-one business coaching service. UMC Coaching gives independent creatives everything they need to Show Up and Glow Up in their careers and lives.

By working with me, you’ll have access to:

  • A service-minded guide to walk with you on the journey toward defining your platform’s mission, vision, and values.
  • A seasoned storyteller to help you uncover your story and communicate your authentic truth.
  • The goal-setting strategies and business philosophies that have powered Underground Music Collective toward collaborations with national and global brands, including Universal Music Group, Red Bull, Creative Artists Agency, Tennessee Titans, Redfin Real Estate, and many more.
  • A partner in accountability: Once we establish your goals, we track your progress, identify potential opportunities for growth, and strategize ways around potential barriers to success.
  • The best practices, resources, and insights to keep your mind sharp and focused on your long-term vision.

Applications for UMC Coaching are now open. To learn more and apply, click the button below.