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Coach’s Corner: Do You Know Your Own Value?

This article was originally published as a guest post for our community partners, Music on the Move Studios.

No matter your role in the creative ecosystem, you must present yourself as though you have something to offer that nobody else can.

But, here’s the kicker…

You have to believe it first!

One time, I had a coaching client. He was a musician, putting on a weekly open mic night at a local establishment. When I asked him how much he was charging for his time, he told me he was doing it for free, and that he didn’t think the venue would pay him.

I responded by assuring him that he could — and should — be getting paid for the service he was providing to the venue. His response?

“What service am I providing?”

Live entertainment, for one thing. As a performer, he had invested years of time and effort — not to mention, thousands of dollars — into his craft. And, because this was an open mic night, he was bringing the establishment even more business by inviting other artists and their loved ones to participate. In addition, any time spent promoting the series through his own digital channels was valuable time spent.

Even after that, he made it clear that he wasn’t interested in negotiating a rate with the venue. (We also didn’t remain working together for much longer, as you might imagine.)

The greater issue here is that he didn’t recognize the value in what he was doing. By offering it for free, he invited the venue to undermine his value, too.

We’ve all done this, right? We want to get business in the door — or gain “experience” — so, we offer our time and often-already-developed talents at deep discounts (or worse, free of charge). We think that having additional portfolio pieces will pay dividends for more business down the road. Sometimes, they do — and sometimes, we still remain in our own way when it comes time to negotiate a fair rate. That could become even more complicated once word-of-mouth gets around that we’re the “cheap option.”

It’s up to us at entrepreneurs to break that cycle, and we must do it by communicating our value. That means charging according to our experience, the value of our time, and what we uniquely bring to the table that nobody else can. We also must factor in that our needs — not just as business owners, but as people first — must be met.

The machine can’t run if the engine breaks down.

That’s you. You’re the engine.

Value yourself in a way that keeps the machine running strong.

NEW YORK: Harvest & Hype Friendsgiving Set for Nov. 18

The Courtney’s Corner Foundation — led by award-winning podcast host, author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Courtney Starks — will host its third annual It’s Giving Harvest and Hype Friendsgiving event on Saturday, November 18.

The event will be hosted at A Sisterly Touch, located at 74 Pennsylvania Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. The evening will feature mouthwatering food, engaging performances from up-and-coming musicians, and interactive games aimed toward building community.

Tickets begin at $50, and are available on three different tiers — Bronze, Silver, and Gold (VIP). A portion of all proceeds will be used to support the Courtney’s Corner Foundation’s community initiatives throughout 2024. Purchase your tickets here, and kick off your holiday season by building a stronger community in the Big Apple!

To learn more about The Courtney’s Corner Foundation, visit the official website.

PHOTOS: Music on the Move Showcase at 3rd & Lindsley

Last week on The Quinn Spinn, we welcomed Music on the Move Studios co-founder, musician, and ECM member Erin McLendon to discuss the growth and evolution of the Music on the Move Showcase, which was set for Tuesday, October 10 at Nashville’s 3rd & Lindsley.

As always, this semi-annual celebration of community among Nashville’s female musicians and entrepreneurs delivered the goods!

Backed by Erin McLendon & The HellCats, the showcase’s all-female lineup featured a diverse set of performances from pop-rock songwriter Kaylee Federmann, Florida-born country artist Sarah Morey, soul and R&B songstress Amber Sweeney, and the punk-influenced Lunchbox Rachel. Plus, those in attendance on this night to remember got to shop at woman-owned pop-up boutiques, including Rock’n Boho and No Sass Creations.

We had the privilege to attend and capture photos throughout the night, which you’ll find below. Take a look through our lens as we congratulate everyone on the Music on the Move Studios team!

Introducing You to Your Next Favorite Band

Phillip Reese and David Moore are the co-hosts of Your Next Favorite Band, a podcast which features the songs and stories of a growing community of musicians and industry pros.

This episode returns the favor from our previous mash-up on their show earlier in 2023, and highlights the story behind Your Next Favorite Band alongside our co-presented Nashville Meets Bethlehem Songwriter Night at SteelStacks on November 17.

Theme song: REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become

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Your Next Favorite Band

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Evolving Alongside Your Community (ft. Erin McLendon)

Erin McLendon founded Nashville-based Music on the Move Studios (formerly Women on Fire) with an all-female showcase in January 2019. Since then, Music on the Move has evolved into a creative ecosystem for female artists and entrepreneurs alike.

Erin makes her record-breaking fourth guest appearance on The Quinn Spinn to discuss Music on the Move’s evolution alongside her own, in advance of their biggest showcase to date at Nashville’s 3rd & Lindsley on Tuesday, October 10.

This episode of The Quinn Spinn was recorded and produced at ⁠Helping Our Music Evolve (H.O.M.E.)⁠, Nashville, TN.

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Wednesday Wisdom: Tips for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome. It’s a beast, am I right?

According to Merriam-Webster, imposter syndrome is “a psychological condition that is characterized by persistent doubt concerning one’s abilities or accomplishments, accompanied by the fear of being exposed as a fraud, despite evidence of one’s ongoing success.”

Does that sound relatable to you?

Of course, I’m not a licensed mental health professional, but I can speak from personal experience and observation, and I’ll let you in on a secret: Many of us—if not all of us—have likely experienced imposter syndrome at some point in our lives. And, for those of us in the music industry, it seems to be especially prevalent.

Whether you’re an artist or a songwriter, a publicist or a manager, a social media marketer or a booking agent, imposter syndrome is real — but, the good news is that you can beat it. Here are some tips for overcoming those inner hurdles that may be standing in your way.

Be kind to yourself.

We’re all hard on ourselves sometimes (okay, maybe most of the time), but it’s so important for us to remember to be kind to ourselves.

That means engaging in positive self-talk and acts of self-care.

When you think about it, you wouldn’t be harsh or cruel when speaking to your best friend, right? Of course not! So, why would you want to speak to yourself in a way in which you wouldn’t dare speak to them? Likewise, if they were going through what you were going through, would you tell them to continue subjecting themselves to madness? Of course you wouldn’t!

Being kind to ourselves can do wonders for our spirits and mindsets. It can help us claim our worth, it can make us stronger, and perhaps most importantly, it can help us transform our perspective.

Yep. That’s right. When we treat ourselves with kindness and respect, we can become more secure in who we are, have more confidence in our abilities (no, you are not a fraud just because you feel like you don’t everything there is to know in the world; the knowledge and skills you do have are valuable), do our jobs better, pursue our passions with more enthusiasm, love more, and get more out of life.

Never stop learning.

One of the most incredible parts of life is that we have the ability to learn. We are constantly learning throughout our entire lives, from the moment we open our eyes, until our time on Earth comes to an end. And best of all, no one can stop us from learning. The right to education is number 26 under Amnesty International’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We actually have the right to learn.

As we all know, the creative space grows and changes at what seems like the speed of light, leaving many of us feeling like we just got whiplash as new social media platforms, streaming platforms, and new universes pop up. We can so easily feel left behind, and like we can’t keep up with how fast trends and technology are evolving around us. This sometimes results in us feeling “not good enough” or “unworthy” of our current or dream positions.

As fast as our industries move, we can learn, and we can grow, and we can always keep cultivating the foundation on which we are basing our careers.

Staying on top of your game by consistently attending events and learning the latest news will help quell the voice convincing you that you don’t know what you’re doing. It will nurture your roots, simultaneously helping you to enrich your skill set and develop confidence, so you can claim your power. Taking action is key to moving forward, and it will help you avoid remaining a slave to those pesky lies that your brain is trying to deceive you with.

Stop your obsession for perfection.

Perfection is a slippery slope. If you’re an artist, you know the struggle is real. Your work probably never quite feels finished to you, and you feel like there will always be ways to make your creative output better. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Of course, you always want to do your best, and make your art the absolute best it can be. However, it’s important to remember that constantly striving to achieve perfection is like fighting an uphill battle. It’s exhausting and will hold you back, without a doubt.

Trying to be perfect — and then beating yourself up when you feel that you have fallen short of achieving perfection — is totally not fun, and it’s just not productive. What may seem “imperfect” to you can knock someone else’s socks off. So, instead of getting caught in a downward spiral of questioning your choices and the quality of your end product, think about all the things you’re doing right and all the successes you’ve achieved so far — no matter how big or small they may feel to you. Has your recent single hit 1,000 streams on Spotify? Incredible! Have you racked up 5,000 streams on your new music video? Amazing! Did you get five new social media followers over the weekend, or pen the last verse of the song you’ve been working on? You deserve a round of applause!

Never lose sight of how amazing you are.

If there’s anything you take away from this post, always, always remember how amazing you are. You were put on this planet for a reason, and you deserve to be here. As an artist, you’re pursuing the purpose that you know aligns with the core of who you are. In following that purpose, you are touching the lives of others. You have value. Your work has value. Mistakes or “imperfections” don’t change that. Don’t forget it.

Imposter syndrome sucks, but with just a few simple tweaks to your mindset, like those I’ve shared above, you’ll be able to tame it—if not completely overcome it—in no time.

For the Love of Community — and Hip Hop

Big congratulations are in order for our community partners at Ether Nashville for the success of the 2023 Citywide Cypher tournament, which concluded with the Citywide Cypher Finals on Sept. 24 at The Pyramid Nashville.

The tournament — held at select locations throughout Middle Tennessee — was a summer-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip hop. Preliminary rounds were held throughout July and August, with eight finalists (plus a special round of Nashville hip hop legends) invited to compete for top honors at The Pyramid.

Murfreesboro-based rapper Izzy Rage took home top male emcee honors, while Nashville’s own Yonna Jones was named top female emcee. Throughout the evening, members of the Greater Nashville hip hop community presented the true artistry, sonic diversity, and cultural impact of the hip hop genre, while supporting Ether’s “Heal Hop” movement and overall mission to “empower leaders of the hip hop community with the tools they need to consistently deliver transformative work.”

Check out a few photos from the event below. Congrats to the Ether team on making an impact!

A Digital Masterclass with Dylan Huey

Dylan Huey is an entrepreneur, musician, mental health advocate, and the CEO of REACH, which works to unite passionate influencers, digital marketers, and social media enthusiasts from universities across the United States. At age 21, Dylan has already released more than a dozen songs, spoken at TEDx, and has worked with major influencers in the world of digital marketing — and he’s just getting warmed up!

Tap in with Dylan to learn how he has built his platform, all while remaining true to his purpose and values!

Opening theme: REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become

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Get to know Dylan!

Kicking Fear in the A**! (ft. Ender Bowen)

ECM member Ender Bowen made his return appearance on The Quinn Spinn, fresh off his debut performance in Nashville!

This retrospective of the experience leads to a conversation about facing and changing our relationships with fear, as well as the pivots that lead us to evolve.

This episode of The Quinn Spinn was recorded and produced at Helping Our Music Evolve (H.O.M.E.), Nashville, TN.

Opening theme: REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become

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Operation Joy
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