LISTEN: On ‘Hide the Key,’ Andi Jane Closes the Door on Toxic Love

We’ve all had that relationship — or situationship — that reaches the point of doing more harm than good to us, our partner, and anyone else around. In the end, stopping the pain means stopping it in its tracks altogether.

And, as Nashville-based songwriter Andi Jane suggests on her new single, sometimes simply closing the door just isn’t enough.

Carrying a sense of timeless, country-flavored balladry, “Hide the Key” is an emotionally gripping account of a love best left behind. Andi Jane’s every soulful word cuts through the ether, as she hits the listener with the somber realization of “it’s over.”

“‘Hide the Key’ is about the point when you realize you can’t keep the door open — to that person, or that habit, or whatever you keep going back to — without drawing it out and causing more pain,” she said. “It’s about realizing when it’s time to hold the memories dear, but shut the door, lock it, and hide the key.”

The artfully minimalist soundscape of “Hide the Key” exists in contrast to the events that led up to its creation, representative of the stark realization we all face when we choose to walk away.

“This song needed to be so simple. I had come from a chaotic, toxic, back-and-forth relationship that was so messy and complicated and painful. I had the realization one day that it was really so simple,” she said. “To end the pain was easy; I just had to cut all ties, and hide the key. It didn’t mean I didn’t still appreciate the story, the memories, and even still have love for the person, but I had to lock it up in order to move on.”

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