Premiere: Multi Ultra’s debut single, “Price I Pay,” is Dark, Fun, and Everything We Could Hope For

The highly anticipated debut single from Multi Ultra is finally here, and it’s everything we expected from these two former members of Nashville’s beloved Sweet Fever. Just in time for summer, the familiar, feel-good vintage-pop/doo-wop-influenced sound perfectly contrasts the melancholy message of “Price I Pay.” 

With familiar faces, well-versed musical talents, and exquisite stage presence, the members of Multi Ultra are no strangers to the Nashville music scene. Nolan Brown and Derrick Wesley formed the project shortly after a hiatus announcement from their popular former band, Sweet Fever, and they haven’t missed a beat. You’ve likely seen them performing all over town, or heard of their tireless work in the studio getting their new music ready to debut. It does not disappoint!

“Price I Pay” is best enjoyed singing along with the windows rolled down, arms catching the wind. Or, on the dance floor, with feet bouncing and hair flying. Lose yourself in the music and you’ll be having the time of your life soaking in the lively, upbeat melody. However, if you lose yourself in the lyrics, you’ll have an entirely different experience. While the track may seem joyful, the boppy beat flawlessly cradles the song’s dark and heavy lyrics about life, death, and sacrifice: 

“Up to my ears, can’t scratch the surface / Sinking in fear losing my purpose / Pale complexion, cold, and I’m breathless / On borrowed time, living on credit”

“The narrator feels overwhelmed and trapped under responsibilities and expectations,” said Multi Ultra vocalist Derrick Wesley. “‘Price I Pay’ was the outlet that I needed in order to see my problems from the inside out. Life is full of struggles. It’s about finding what makes you happy and using it to heal.”

Whichever mood you’re in, “Price I Pay” will strike a nerve and quench your thirst for feeling alive. Listen to it below, and follow along with Multi Ultra: Website / Facebook / Instagram

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